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An application or App is simply a program designed to perform a specific task for a user or for another application program.

The word App has been used widely in recent years to describe mobile applications. An App is in fact any application on any device including word processors, spreadsheet software, image editing software etc. that we are all familiar with. Any program that performs a task on your operating system or online is an application.

Every company will have tasks that could be handled more efficiently by software application. The functionality and scale of an App can range widely from a program designed to do a single specific task to a CRM system. Echo Media's core business is the delivery of applications to a range of clients. Here is an overview of the types of Apps we have delivered since 2011:


Medical Apps


  • Handling sensitive Data securely
  • Document Management (Lab Reports etc.)
  • Reporting Modules
  • Graphical Data display


Recruitment Apps


  • Interview Date Selection 
  • Formatted data output for upload to local systems
  • Scoring based on input
  • Document Generation (PDF, XML etc.)


Payment Systems


  • Secure 
  • Client Configuration Management
  • System handling end-to-end process (Invoicing, receipts etc.)


Document Issue Apps


  • Certificate Generation
  • Validation to locate and verify request
  • Statistics module


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Alan Bracken

I am the owner of Echo Media Web Solutions, a company which I established in 2011. The company was setup with an aim to provide quality and innovative web services with a particular emphasis on projects which require “out of the ordinary” solutions. I am very keen to engage in the latest technology and have a passion for projects that depend upon any type of unique functionality or user interface.


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