Milly’s Boutique

Milly’s Boutique, formerly The Wardrobe, first opened its doors in September 2005 at the height of the Celtic Tiger boom and during a time were boutiques were plentiful but somewhat bland. Like many businesses at that time in Ireland proprietors were focused on volume turnover. This was never going to be the objective of Milly’s Boutique.

Milly’s Boutique approached Echo Media in 2018 with a brief to create an online shop for a new brand as the company was migrating from 'The Wardrobe' to 'Milly's Boutique'. Having no previous online presence offered challenges, particularly around gaining an online foothold in an increasingly crowded marketplace from scratch. The site traffic however has grown exponentially since its launch in July 2018. The company continue to innovate in the way they offer product and Echo Media plays an ongoing role in this by offering solutions to requested functionality and managing server traffic flow to ensure quality user experience.

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