As soon as your website or application is developed the next stage in the process is to think about your hosting requirements.  At Echo Media we can offer a secure and fast space on our virtual private servers (VPS).

Unlike many hosting arrangements, at Echo Media our hosting service is managed 7 days per week all year round, giving you comfort and security and a hassle free hosting solution. Whether you have a small website or a high-volume e-commerce platform, we will talk you through the best hosting option for your needs.


Hosting Options

Data-centre managed VPS (Virtual Private Server)  - Min Tech. Spec.: 

RAM: 2GB Storage: 50GB

Managed VPN (Virtual Private Network)  - Min Tech. Spec.:

App/Web Servers RAM: 1GB Storage: 50GB Cores: 1

Database Servers RAM: 1GB Storage: 5GB Cores: 1

Approx Annual Cost Entry Level VPS: €340

Approx Annual Cost Entry Level VPN: €780

This above cost represents the total per annum. There is no extra maintenance fee for server management of the VPS servers. The VPN's however will need monitoring depending on the type system being hosted. All software varies though so we can do a full analysis of a system on request and propose the most appropriate solution.

We also provide & manage Cloud/Dedicated server solutions where required and can offer a quotation on request.

To discuss any hosting requirements you may have please contact us through our Contact page.



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