Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your unique online identity and is how users will find your website. Choosing the correct domain name is an important task and one that is worth investing some careful thought in. 

When choosing your domain name you should consider the keywords which users will search for when looking for your website or the particular service(s) or product(s) you provide. It may also be worth noting that your domain name may be the first impression of your business.

The best domain names are simple and memorable. Consider the following for example:

  • Are there different ways to misspell your domain name, if so your website may not be found?
  • Are there similar names out there that you may not want to be associated with?
  • Is your name too similar to your competition?

If you are in doubt it is a good idea to test the name out to prevent any potential embarassment.

In Ireland the two most common domain extensions are .ie and .com. By using a .ie domain extension you are identifying your website as Irish and will have greater visibility on an Irish search engine such as Other common extensions include .eu, .org, and .net.

Registering your domain name can be a tricky and complex process if are not used to it. Echo Media can advise and guide you through this time consuming registration process or better still you can leave it entirely to us.

To discuss domain name registration or any queries you may have please contact us through our Contact page.

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