Google Analytics

Knowing your audience or where your users are can really help grow your business.  Echo Media can assist in this growth by tracking and analysing your visitor traffic using Google Analytics.

By using Google Analytics we can track your users behaviour and gain an in depth understanding of how users find you and what they are looking for. For example, are they accessing your website using smartphones, PC's, tablets or perhaps through your social media pages? Google Analytics can be used to carry out essential and invaluable market research. This information will help you to expand your web presence and can be used to identify ways or areas in which it may need improving.  

It can help with questions such as:

  • Where are your users from (Country, City, Post Code etc.)?
  • Are users the right ones for your business?
  • What percentage of users are accessing your site from a mobile device? (and based on this, do you need to consider making your site mobile responsive or improve its mobile optimization)
  • Is your site layout and navigation appropriate to your users?
  • Are some product searches more popular than others?
  • Are some pages more successful than others and if so why?

Why not let Echo Media carry out some research on your users so that you can focus on your business. To discuss ways in which we can help please visit our Contact page.

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