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Never put a Fiat engine into a Jaguar!

August is a holiday period for many, but for those of us less fortunate I’ll keep this piece short and to the point, so we can get back to those tasks that we sidelined from January to July! The main point of this issue is to advise you not to sell your web presence short with…
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Online data security tips 2016

Here are a few points to consider when dealing your data security this year. Securing your online data is an ongoing process and is best approached from a preventative mindset rather than cure. 1. Backup all data on a SEPARATE server NB** This guy learned the hard way that you should never store your backups on the…
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A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the content of a website.

From a CMS Administrator interface a user can add, edit, delete and modify content. It will allow you to upload photo's, articles, images, maps, videos, blogs, news feeds etc. and to fully manage the content of your website.

The first step when choosing a CMS is to assess your business needs and find out what you want from your online application. Our experienced developers will meet with you and advise you of the various options available. Once the initial consultation has taken place we will match your needs and available budget with the appropriate CMS. We develop in Joomla and Drupal mainly which are open source solutions, this allows for ease of maintenance after development. If you feel an 'off the shelf' solution does not meet your needs we can develop a bespoke CMS built to your specifications. We offer demonstrations and documentation with all CMS system's we provide.

Why not let Echo Media carry out some research on your users so that you can focus on your business.

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