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Never put a Fiat engine into a Jaguar!

August is a holiday period for many, but for those of us less fortunate I’ll keep this piece short and to the point, so we can get back to those tasks that we sidelined from January to July! The main point of this issue is to advise you not to sell your web presence short with…
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Online data security tips 2016

Here are a few points to consider when dealing your data security this year. Securing your online data is an ongoing process and is best approached from a preventative mindset rather than cure. 1. Backup all data on a SEPARATE server NB** This guy learned the hard way that you should never store your backups on the…
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In online marketing, a shopping cart is an 'off the shelf' piece of software that allows website users to select items for eventual purchase.

Almost all will follow a process whereby customers can accumulate a list of items for purchase and upon checkout, the software typically calculates a total for the order, including shipping and handling (and can often offer back-end user tools to manage stock, accounts etc.). We can offer assistance in selecting a cart most suitable to your needs and we also offer documentation and tutorials for any shopping cart we use.

We use open-source software at Echo Media which will insure the platform can be easily maintained and supported in the future. We can use any of the recognised shopping carts and have direct experience in the following Drupal Commerce, OsCommerce, Magento, Virtuemart and others. We have experience with both Credit Card and Debit Debit billing systems so our clients are not restricted on payment options.

There are times however when a shopping cart is not the appropriate tool to gather certain payments and in these cases we can develop bespoke systems to meet a clients needs.

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